Year 6 Term 2 Learning Program

Welcome to Term 2.

We hope you had relaxing and enjoyable holidays and that students are looking forward to the term ahead.


Reminder about Routines

Please ensure your child arrives at school by 8:55am. If your child is late they need to go straight to their class and their teacher will log this via the new online system. Please advise your child's teacher via email or note to explain any late arrivals or absences.


Learning in Term 2


In English this term, students will continue to engage in the modes of reading, viewing, speaking, listening, writing and representing, which aligns with the implementation of the new NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. Our focus in English this term is to actively engage students in activities aimed to increase reading comprehension and fluency, explore and create original and sophisticated informative texts and develop effective speaking and listening skills in a range of contexts across the curriculum. All students will also participate in the Multicultural Speaking Competition this term and will be required to prepare and practice their speech for this annual event between home and school.



In Mathematics, we are ensuring that the Year 6 Mathematics program continues to implement the structural and content changes required in the new NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. We will continue to integrate the Go Maths teaching and learning resources into our units that will cover the knowledge and skills related to the strands of Number & Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability and Working Mathematically. We are working hard to ensure we provide students with an effective and dynamic program that caters for a variety of learning styles and abilities.

Each class is also entering the Mathematics Association of NSW Investigation Competition, so the students will all take part in a long term mathematical investigation over the duration of Term 2. This may require collection of data for use from home and their real world.


Conceptual Learning (Science)

Our conceptual unit for Term 2 is Transformation and Interdependence. We will be learning how the Earth has changed over millions of years and how humans respond to and manage natural disasters related to the Earth's structure. Students will investigate how science and technology have advanced in order for global communities to respond more effectively to natural disasters and minimise their impacts. Students will again use the REAPs (Real Engagement in Active Problem Solving) process within stakeholder groups to investigate and address the events and management associated with the Christchurch earthquake disaster. There will also be an incursion in Week 7, the CSIRO will visit and the students will be engaged in hands on activities to understand the structure and movement of the Earth.


Sport Information & Changes

This term there are PSSA sports running (soccer and netball) as well as school sport for those not involved in PSSA. Those going to PSSA need to write this clearly on any lunch orders as they leave school at 12:00 (before lunch time). School sport students are walking to St Leonards or Brennan Park for sport.


Soccer Training will occur for PSSA students on Monday mornings at 8:15am on River Courts and PSSA Netball Training times are to be confirmed.


Camp Update

Our whole-grade camp will occur 3rd– 5thSeptember (Term 3). All information regarding the camp will be sent home closer to the date. The second payment instalment for camp is included on the schedule of payments for Term 2.


Dates for the Diary

May 5: School Cross Country

May 9: Winter PSSA commences

May 20: ICAS Computers

May 22-23: Band Camp

June 4: Science ICAS

June 12: CSIRO Incursion Year 6

June 16: ICAS Writing

June 17: ICAS Spelling

June 23: Semester 1 reports go home

June 26: Field Events Carnival


We encourage you to email your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns at any time and thank you for your ongoing support.


Year 6 Teachers, 2014:

Laetitia Kilpatrick                

Karin Sundic                        

Andrea Watts