Year 6 Term 4 Learning Program


Year 6 in Term 4


We have reached our final term of Year 6 and for your children, their final term of primary school. We certainly have a busy term ahead and the teachers and students are excited about the many wonderful learning, events and celebrations we have planned as this chapter of school draws to a close. All families have already received a note outlining the dates and key events involved in the term ahead and we look forward to sharing many of these with you.


Schedule of Payments

All costs associated with the Term 4 events and activities are included in the term's schedule of payments and this will minimise administration as the term progresses. Remember, you can pay online via the school website for added convenience using ‘POP Payments' (link near calendar). Students will receive permission notes for events such as Waterworks and a formal invitation for the Year 6 Farewell later in the term.


Reminder about Routines

Please ensure your child arrives at school by 8:55am. If your child is late they need to go straight to their class and their teacher will log this via the online system. Please advise your child's teacher via email or note to explain any late arrivals or absences. If your child needs to leave early- please sign them out and then you will be given a green slip to leave with the teacher or on their desk.



Learning in Term 4


In English this term, students will continue to engage in the modes of reading, viewing, speaking, listening, writing and representing, which aligns with the implementation of the NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. Our focus in English this term is across all purposes (imagining, persuading and informing) through poetry. Lessons and learning activities this term will be aimed at:

  • increasing inferential reading comprehension and fluency (focus on poetry)
  • analysing, interpreting and composing poetry for a range of purposes and about a variety of topics
  • developing effective speaking and listening skills in a range of contexts across the curriculum
  • students applying all modes of English in their scrapbook projects to gather, organise and convey information to achieve a purpose

The spelling program this term has a personalised component which is taken from personal errors made in their writing tasks across the curriculum, this is complimented by vocabulary enrichment, poetry devices and topic based words connected to our conceptual unit of Heritage and Tradition.



In Mathematics, we are ensuring that the Year 6 Mathematics program continues to implement the structural and content changes required in the NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. We will continue to integrate the Go Maths teaching and learning resources into our units that will cover the knowledge and skills related to the strands of Number & Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability and Working Mathematically.

We are working hard to ensure we provide students with an effective and dynamic program that caters for a variety of learning styles and abilities. We are also grouping our maths concepts by their purpose in the real world such as how we can use maths to understand the size of things or how we use maths to organise our lives so students can better understand the relevance of their learning.

Throughout this term, students will also be assigned mathematics topics, concepts or skills to teach a mini lesson to the class and they will also engage in game design to incorporate a selection of maths skills to assist in mastery and revision.


Conceptual Learning (Human Society and its Environment)

Our conceptual unit for Term 4 is Heritage & Tradition. Students will investigate Australia's heritage and traditions and how our history connects us to the world. They will examine and investigate Aboriginal history, colonisation, immigration as well as war and conflict to understand our nation's heritage story.  To coincide with learning throughout the unit, students will be working through a series of ‘scrapbook projects' that align with our different focus areas to develop their conceptual understanding. Students will be using these books at home and at school and research for these projects is supported by the RFF Library program. The grade will also attend an incursion in Week 2 with an Aboriginal elder from the Torres Strait Islands.


Sport Information

This term summer PSSA resumes and those students attending Teeball have been informed. Those students not participating in PSSA sport will attend the Sport in Schools program. Each of these has a cost associated and notes have been sent home containing the information required for permission and payment. If no payment is made, children will participate in a separate PE class with a grade teacher. Students going to PSSA need to write this clearly on any lunch orders as they leave school at 12:00 (before lunch time).

Teeball Training will occur for PSSA students on Thursday mornings at 8:15am on River Courts.


Dates for the Diary

Torres Strait Islander visit                  – Tuesday, 14thOctober (Week 2)

PSSA Teeball starts                           – Friday, 17thOctober (Week 2)

Year 6 Fun Fair                                  – Thursday, 6thNovember, lunchtime (Week 5)

K-6 Sports Assembly                         – Monday, 10thNovember, 9:10am (Week 6)

Year 6 Family BBQ                            – Sunday, 22rd November, 3:00-6:00pm (Week 7)

School End of Year Festival              – Friday, 5thDecember, 5:00pm (Week 9)

Reports go home                               – Monday, 8thDecember (Week 10)

Year 6 Performance Night                 – Tuesday, 9thDecember, 6.30pm (Week 10)

Year 6 Farewell                                 – Thursday, 11thDecember, 6:30pm (Week 10)

Waterworks Excursion                      – Tuesday, 16thDecember, all day (Week 11)

Last day of term                                – Wednesday 17thDecember (Week 11)


Thank you for all your continued support of the Year 6 programs and events this year. We encourage you to email your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns at any time.


Kind regards,

Laetitia Kilpatrick, Kylie Milostic, Karin Sundic & Andrea Watts