Year 6 Term 3 Learning Program

Dear Year 6 Parents and Carers,

It is already Term 3! We are excited about the many wonderful learning activities and events we have planned as we enter the final semester for the students' primary schooling. We would like to welcome Kylie Milostic to the Year 6 teaching team who will be taking 6LK on Thursdays and Fridays as Laetitia Kilpatrick fulfils the relieving deputy principal role for the remainder of the year.


Reminder about Routines

Please ensure your child arrives at school by 8:55am. If your child is late they need to go straight to their class and their teacher will log this via the online system. Please advise your child's teacher via email or note to explain any late arrivals or absences.


Learning in Term 3


In English this term, students will continue to engage in the modes of reading, viewing, speaking, listening, writing and representing, which aligns with the implementation of the new NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. Our focus in English this term is to actively engage students in activities aimed to:

- increase reading comprehension and fluency

- explore and create original and sophisticated imaginative texts using text, images and multimodal devices

- develop effective speaking and listening skills in a range of contexts across the curriculum

All students will also participate in the Premier's Spelling Bee this term and have already received the official competition lists. We are actively using these lists and words in class lessons and all students have received a list for home.



In Mathematics, we are ensuring that the Year 6 Mathematics program continues to implement the structural and content changes required in the new NSW syllabus for the Australian curriculum. We will continue to integrate the Go Maths teaching and learning resources into our units that will cover the knowledge and skills related to the strands of Number & Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability and Working Mathematically.

We are working hard to ensure we provide students with an effective and dynamic program that caters for a variety of learning styles and abilities. We are also grouping our maths concepts by their purpose in the real world such as how we can use maths to understand the size of things or how we use maths to organise our lives so students can better understand the relevance of their learning.


Conceptual Learning (Science)

Our conceptual unit for Term 3 is Energy and Movement. Students willlearn that energy can be transferred, stored and transformed from one form to another. They will investigate energy and movement through investigations into electricity and light by using higher-order thinking skills to complete problem solving tasks using scientific methods of investigation and recording. Students will visit the CSIRO Education Centre at Ryde, Wednesday Week 4 to take part in two hands on workshops in these specific areas.


Sport Information

This term Winter PSSA sports continue (soccer and netball) as well as school sport for those not involved in PSSA. Those going to PSSA need to write this clearly on any lunch orders as they leave school at 12:00 (before lunch time). School sport students are walking to St Leonards or Brennan Park for sport.

Soccer Training will occur for PSSA students on Monday mornings at 8:15am on River Courts and PSSA Netball Training is Thursday mornings on River playground.


Additional Programs

Year 6 students completed their Mandarin program in Semester 1. They will now attend double sessions each week in Visual Arts with Ms Emily Lees who is currently replaced by Ms Julie Keech.


Camp Update

Our grade camp will occur 3rd – 5th September (Wed-Fri, Week 8). All information regarding the camp including permission notes and forms has been sent home. The final payment instalment for camp is included on the schedule of payments for Term 3 and all camp payments need to be finalised by Friday the 8th August. Any families requiring assistance with camp payments are encouraged to contact Myra Wearne as soon as possible.


Dates for the Diary

July 29: ICAS English

July 31: NSDS Open Day

August 6th: CSIRO Excursion

August 7th: Stage 3 Tura Pitt talk

August 8th: Camp payments and notes due

August 12th: ICAS Maths

August 14th: Premier's Spelling Bee School Final

August 15th: Math-a-thon Test

August 21st: Book Week Parade

September 3rd-5th: Year 6 Camp

September 5th: NSDS Art Auction

September 11th: Jump Rope Jump Off

September 15th: Inter Relate Evening 6pm


Thank you for all your continued support of the Year 6 programs and events this year. We encourage you to email your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns at any time and thank you for your ongoing support.


Kind regards,


Laetitia Kilpatrick, Kylie Milostic, Karin Sundic & Andrea Watts